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fmp is hibernating


Ashton here.

It is obvious that I haven’t been able to dedicate the proper amount of time to my brand that I’d loved too. I’m just too busy with school, work, etc. to manage the brand properly and give it the advertisement and marketing that it really NEEDS. Therefore, the Free Movement Projec is temporarily going into hibernation. Now this doesn’t need FMP is over and done with. The store will remain open this summer to still sell goods (however, what I’ll be doing with the store once school starts back up is up in the air). I’ll still be able to take on a small number of commission jobs here and there if my course and work load permits it. However, there will not be a whole lot of (if any) progress as far as the brand FMP is concerned (meaning new tees, buttons, posters, etc.). I have designs prepped and ready as of now but I don’t see the point in releasing them blindly.

FMP will be back.

Be sure of that.


Ashton FM


what i’ve been doing

O hai! As you can see it’s been a bit quiet in the Free Movement Projec. Since I’m taking 18 hours + my employment as a Junior Graphic Designer (although they give me senior-like work) at the campus design studio + my contract work with a budding company (which I’m about to talk about), I haven’t really had time to tackle any of the personal side projecs I’ve wanted to (i.e. 2D video game with my friend Cam, the yearly music projec with me writing and singing, my comic series, and THE SHIRTS).

However, through my contract work, I recently had to make a t-shirt design that came out cool enough to share. The company is called Kandy Kruiser and mini skateboards is the product. I had to design to design a tee that embodied their candy theme and well…

Full view of design.

Kandy K-02

Kandy K-03

Kandy K-04



Ashton FM

dust gang is here!


Dust Gang

The finally tee of the Batch One: Hello, Have We Met? is now here!

Based on a love of hip-hop from the 90s, the “Dust Gang” tee has embodied the movement in the FMP style that is becoming its staple!

Now in the shop for $25


Ashton FM

there’s a sale a-going on!

The $10 Sale!

There is a sale going on at the Free Movement Projec! Just as the image above explains, every “Season Zero” product is now $10 due to their shrinking stock. There are also a couple of shirts down to their final tee and are going for $8!

Also, FMP’s first poster, Skies and Lines Pt. 1, has came in! Once I get some proper pictures of it, it will go live on the site for $25!


Ashton FM

upcoming attractions

Ignore the July part obviously.


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cut to free tee + free the black cardinal stickers!

The Cut to Free Tee

Free the Black Cardinal Stickers

Sorry for the month long absence from the blog BUUTTTTTTT this is what I’ve been working on! A new tee and sticker!

Introducing the “Cut To Free” Tee and the “Free the Black Cardinal” Sticker!

Now these new products are also the start of the era of Free Movement Projec’s new mascot: Free the Black Cardinal!

Why a black cardinal?

The black cardinal, or melanistic cardinal, is a rare breed. Genetically different due to a melanin disorder, they are forced to stand out from the rest. Yet, they still fly just as high, if not higher, than their counterparts. That characteristic is embodied in the Free Movement Projec!

I’m really happy on how the design came out on these tees. I’m been working hard on making the best designs I can possibly make for the brand. I’m doing my best to make FMP a respected Dallas brand and this is just the first step.

Everything should go on the site sometime this upcoming week (along with a sale on everything else) and will be announced on the FMP Facebook. The tee will be $25 and the sticker $1.


Ashton FM



Not much of a sneak peak, I know, but it shows that things are coming in!


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